Busby Seo Test

So… Here we are…

The sphere team is a little tired… because we had taken part in 2 great contests this year :

  1. Seocontest2008 :
    We have won this contest. We have followed this contest from february to april 2008.
  2. Busby Seo Challenge :
    We have finished #2, we have followed this contest from june to august 2008.

It was a great, great year… with more than thirty french contestants. But, I think the team is little tired now.¨

But, there is the second part of the busby seo challenge, called Busby Seo Test. This contest will finish the 31st january 2009, and it is perhaps not to late to take part in this contest. So, I make this page quickely. And I hope it will position correctly in Google.

Several participants in the french sphere team are taking part in this contest :

  1. The Gnome’s Busby Seo Test
  2. The Ced’s Busby Seo Test

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Thanks for busby

After a SEO competition, the motivation goes away very quickly, the follow-up also. We organize a meal between us, finally, for those who can.

And we often forget how we arrived at the top of Google for busby seo challenge competition.

Thanks for busby

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2nd position for the Sphereteam !

So, that’s it… The Busby SEO Challenge is finished now. The Sphereteam managed to end on 2nd position of the contest, just after Imfreakz, and just before Pogung (who we hail, both, for having being great opponents).

Our page managed to be first on all Google datacenters, at the time of the end (12 o’clock, Perth Time, Australia), few minutes ago, but the organizers had chosen a specific URL on a specific DC, and even if we were on pole position on this DC, the arguments on the URL gave us 2nd. The victory was that close, my friends.

So, as you can see, we are glad having do quite good, but mostly we are glad that so many people gave us their unconditional support. Thanks to all of you, for having helped us going that high.
Thanks to all of you, congrats to the winner and the other competitors (note that Papillon, one of our teammates finished on Top 5, which made her the first female on this contest), and long life to the Sphereteam !

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Nightly rantings about Bubsy challenge and SEO loneliness

On another of my blogs, which also takes part in the Bubsy SEO Challenge but has no chance, compared to the SphereTeam Busby page, I spoke about the 25th hour, and the long solitary nights of geeks and programmers like me, who spend hours in front of their PC, trying to coo Google and force him to visit our poor websites.

The making of the Bubsy SEO Challenge community

The last hours of our competition are quite similar, but not solitary. The members of the team are discussing online on our dedicated forum – yes we made a dedicated forum to exchange ideas and tips for ranking on Bubsy results. We check the results on the official query quite often, … and we are not alone, I imagine. Nightly rantings about Bubsy challenge and SEO loneliness

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Busby SEO Challenge : Still believing

The Busby SEO Challenge contest ends in less than three hours and an half, and all our Busby eyes are peering at Google’s results, especially on the Busby SEO Challenge official DC ( to check if things are moving, and in which order the Busby contest final podium entrants will be…

Each teammate/challenger of the Busby SEO is crossing his/her fingers, either in front of their screen, or while sleeping (it’s late in Western Europe, now), still believing that things will move at the last moment, and give us the victory on this SEO Challenge… And the hope could come from Google.com !

On my last check on Google, our Busby SEO Challenge had jumped to the 1st position, Google displaying our last article’s snippet, which shows it crawled our Busby site recently. Now, just let’s hope that other Google DC, especially the “official” Busby one, will align on this, giving our Busby SEO Challenge, the final victory…

Busby SEO Challenge : Still believing

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Busby Seo Challenge: Why we must be the winners.

Last straight line before the result of the Busby Seo Challenge, everybody is crossing my fingers and my toes (no it’s not an error there are 25 people stretching my little fingers…). But never mind We all have to suffer to win the Busby Seo Challenge.

So I’m gonna explain in a little speech (more or less a list in fact). Why we are the only one rightful to win this contest and also why it will be awful if we lose the Busby Seo Challenge

Busby SEO Challenge : Explanations about what will happen

1. You all know that president Sarkozy give us Full powers to win. But what you don’t know is that f we lose (it’s impossible but let’s imagine) The French Secret Services will come to our house and send us small sharp rocks … Horrible, don’t you think?

2. We have to win because we’re a big family of 25 people!!! Do you know how much eating is expensive in France? So if we want to eat for survive things that French restaurant offers we need Money.

3. Because Bertimus says that if we don’t win Busby Seo Challenge he don’t want to be my wing man and share beer anymore …

4. If we win Ping Pong will be the Funniest Sport ever and all the busby contestant are going to mak a big contest. (not Pogung which is already a Our funniest opponent !!! Don’t make me say what I don’t say ).

5. One more important thing washing liquid will makes clothes cleaner and will print big SEO logos, or Busby logos it depends !!!

6. We don’t want you to feel sorry but my flip-flops got a very grave disease and if we don’t win she gonna die … We know that your sites are important but if you don’t want this to happen just close your site until the end of the Busby seo Challenge … We are counting on you …

Busby SEO Challenge: Last reason

7. In the end we win this contest your son will have a place in creche (Day care center). If you’re a girl you’ll lose weight and If you’re a man your wife will lose weight.. Ok I know that it’s sexist and it’s not really cool but I don’t have any more joke or some really awful …

Finally you know, we are just like you we all want us to win Busby Seo Challenge … This is for a better world you know !!! Let’s see you in 6 hours for the final result …

PS: Now that we are Famous all over the world I’ve got a last thing to say:

Nathalie Portmann, when you’ll read thes few line you can call me to the 0621 … (Moderated by the rest of the Busby Seo Challenge team)…

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End of the Busby Challenge! Goodbye to SEO teams!

In a few hours, it is the end of the Busby SEO Challenge.

That was a very interesting time, with a lot of great competitors, and unfortunatly some bad behaviours, people who tried to create mistrust, and whose practices should be banned.

That was my first SEO competition.

What did I learn?

SEO competitions are fun

We were playing a team from the beginning, and believe me, winners or not, the french seo guys are a great team ! We discussed a lot, exchanged a lot of ideas, had great moments of fun. And I hope I’ll be able to meet these guys, when I come back from the sands where I burried my Busby.

SEO challenge are like in real life, but worse

That was said by a member of our Team, and that was more than right. Like in real life we had bad asses among a great population of competitors.

Like in real life we have had many heart attacks.

Like in real life we had problems to understood our God Google and why he thought some Busby pages where more relevant than others.

I also learned a lot of English

Our Busby team stamp, which is a really important intellectual step for me, I feel totally different, more mature, should I say more intelligent? than three months ago.

End of the Busby Challenge! Goodbye to SEO teams!

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Busby SEO Challenge : Prayer to Google

The Busby SEO Challenge ends in about 200 hours, and many Busby worshipers and SEO challengers already know that things are almost done. The last backlinks are in place, everyone is concentrating on what he does and on how other Busby SEO Challenge sites are reacting for this last straight line… Things seem to be uncertain at the present time for all Busby challengers, and none could clearly say who will win this contest…

Anyone in France is sure that the Sphereteam’s Busby SEO will be the one that will stand on pole position of the podium, on august 31st, and so am I, of course. Anyway, we know that our “friendly” foes from Indonesia, also believe they’ll do it, so, as I said nothing is done yet, for anyone of us.
We are not believers (France is not known to be a very “religious” country), and we know that fate has nothing to do with a challenger’s victory, only skills, knowledge and friends will do the difference. Anyway, since we know perfectly how the Internet world works – the Busby SEO Challenge one, too -, we have decided to do a little prayer to the Almighty Lord of the Worldwide Web… Google !

Busby SEO Challenge prayer

So here is the prayer that all Busby SEO Challenge devotee should repeat until the end of the Busby contest…

Busby SEO Challenge : Prayer to Google

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Bertrand’s reaction over the Busby SEO Challenge bandwidth attack

Hi, Bertrand’s speaking, proud member of the Busby SEO Challenge Sphere Team.

First of all, note that you’ll read there only my point of view, not the Sphere team’s one. I have the agreement of some others team members to give it (2 in fact -_-), but major others team members don’t know what I’m gonna to tell you there, I think they totally don’t care because they are on holidays, well I guess it for them.

First, sorry Pogung177, at 2 weeks from the black end of the Busby challenge, I can’t place any backlink to your article, I need to keep our little part of Busby link juice.

Second, I’m gonna place keywords on this article, just because we need, too, to keep our busby keyphrase density, yeah it’s just seo keyword stuff, a crazy challenge don’t you think?

Bertrand’s reaction over the Busby SEO Challenge bandwidth attack

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Busby SEO Challenge under enemy fire

Until now, Busby SEO Challenge was a funny contest, with two Busby teams challenging one against the other with fun. But changes seem to have happened on the Busby SEO Challenge those days, and not towards the good direction…

Those who have followed the Seocontest2008 SEO Challenge, have heard that our page had been hacked by someone, and defaced at this time. This demonstrated us that either some people really disliked Seo challenges, or that the Challenge pole position, could be aimed by jealous people.

Things seem to go on, on the Busby SEO Challenge, because since a few days, someone (probably several people) is attacking our Sphereteam Busby site, in different ways :(

Three weeks ago, a Busby SEO Challenger of our team noticed that our server logs were showing weird and unhappy commands, that were supposedly XSS attacks. Our Busby SEO Challenge page was on 1st position at this time, and we supposed this was a “natural” thing to attract jealousy and rancor since we already won the last SEO challenge… But the fact is that even while we are on the third position of Busby, we seem to keep frightening some people, as soon as our Busby is under attack, for several hours (a bad process which is still occurring while I speak, I guess)…

Busby SEO Challenge under enemy fire

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Busby SEO Challenge, sphereteam is on vacation

The Busby SEO Challenge is a long SEO contest, major part of our SEO Sphere Busby team challenge is on vacation so we didn’t maintained our Busby SEO Challenge blog at the same pace as before the holidays.

We fall from the top Busby position on Google to the third position rank. I hope this will change on few days, we have new links coming from Busby SEO Challenge friends.

I think, we made a little mistake in this SEO challenge, we haven’t concentrated our efforts on busby SEO Challenge official Website, that is why we are not first at the moment, but this will change as I said before.

Another point is that our keyword density is low for busby SEO challenge, because in a SEO challenge like busby it is possible to have a high density keywords without being penalized by our dear Google.

That’s said, good luck to all Busby SEO Challenge competitors again !

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It’s so cool to play in team

Yeah, absolutely, it’s pretty cool to play in team in this lovely Busby SEO Challenge.

Here are six reasons to prove it to you:

- You share skills and competences (SEO ones, of course).

- Your are stronger within a team than alone: I would never win any SEO contest alone, but I have already won the SEOcontest2008 one thanks to my team.

- You meet and/or know more cool people: I especially appreciate to be in touch with Yakamo, I think a serious relationship begins together, and I guess it’s not only a sexual one.

It’s so cool to play in team

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Second place for Busby SEO Challenge

We are second when we look Busby SEO Challenge on Google, and it for diverse reasons.
I am not going to quote all them, because I do not want to give our secrets, especially that they are not all to me…

However, here is what I can say to you about the site Busby SEO Challenge of the French team.

Second place for Busby SEO Challenge

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Bbmarket’s interview for the Busby seo challenge

Bellow you’ll read bbmarket’s interview, involved in the Busby seo challenge with the Sphere Team.

Sphere : Hi bbmarket, How do you do ?
Bbmarket : Hi Sphere, I’m fine thank you.

Sphere : Why did you decide to join the sphere in the busby seo challenge ?
Bbmarket : Coz I didn’t know what to do this summer… My mother was about to send me in a summer camp for two months… Do you imagine ??
But a few days later I met Yakamo in a bar near Pigalle… We drunk a few (or a lot, I don’t remember) Pisang, beer, beer, beer and so on… Then I asked him : “how about having a few girls right now ??”

Sphere (a bit suspicious) : Yes and… ?
Bbmarket : And he answered me “forget about girls, I know something more exciting, more powering and more exciting… The Busby SEO Challenge !!!” as if it was a kind of treasury or holy quest.
“Ouach, what’s that… That doesn’t look very sexy at all…” But he convinced me of the interest of this SEO contest !!

Bbmarket’s interview for the Busby seo challenge

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BUsby Team can beat Even Matt Cutts

Now Be afraid !!! Be Very Afraid !!!

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Why SphereTeam will win the Busby Seo Challenge !

Because we make a great strategy … let our leader explain it to you :

And now you understand the real power of SphereTeam for The Busby SEO Challenge !!!
If you don’t laugh to this video you’re not human …

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