Interview of Marie-Aude for the Busby SEO Challenge

We had a great time with Sphere Team while they were interviewing me. They asked me a lot of questions, and I tried to answer as seriously as possible.
That was obvisouly not really the type of comments this great SEO challengers expected, and, as a retorsion measure, they pretended they lost their notes in the trip back from my home to their headquarters, where they prepare all the actions to rank as well as possible on Busby SEO Challenge query.

Or may be it’s beacause they wanted to taste again the more than delicious cakes and refreshments I offered them, included my most secret recipe of pisang ambong and other things cocktail.

Or maybe it’s just my cocktail.

Nevertheless, that was a sad moment for me, because I realized if you ever wanted to hear about me, I would have to write all the text myself.
So I took my best keyboard, the black one, where I can see my cats’ hairs before it’s too late, my biggest courage, a capuccino instead of the pisang ambong cocktail (lessons learned, don’t do the same mistake twice) and here we go !

Picture yourself in a small town in middle Germany. You have woods all around, and the kind of houses you would expect in a Heidi movie. You’re quite lucky, because it’s a sunny day, and my place is the rainiest one in Germany. A sound at the door, my cats freak, after more than five years, they still fear the doorbell, and here we go :

Me : Hello Sphere Busby Team, how are you ?
SBSCT : Hello Marie, how are you ?

Me : I’d be better if you use my real name, Marie-Aude, and don’t shorten a rare first name to a common used one.
SBSCT : Oh, we’re sorry, we did not know, but your name is difficult to remember and to write, you know ?
Me : Yes I know, I’ve been told that since I was born. And it’s just a part of it, the last name is even worse. But you make an effort, and once you’ve memorized, it’s ok, and you get it for ever.
SBSCT : Do you think english people, or Indonesian, like the ones we compete with for this SEO challenge can remember it easily ?

Me : No, but life is not easy thing. And Pogung or some other names are not easy neither. Since I’m living overseas for years, I get used to people pronoucing my name strangely, but it’s still my name. Marie or Mary os not my name. That’s like in search engine optimization : each page has its unique title, and when you get it wrong, you get a 404 error. I don’t want to have to make a 301 redirection for my name.
SBSCT : OK, we can get that. … Euh, please, can we finally come in ?
Me : Oh, I’m so sorry, please, enter and make you comfortable.

SBSCT : So let’s start with the hopefully interesting questions. Why did you decide to enroll in this Busby Challenge ?
Me : Well you see, I’m doing a lot of SEO professionnally speaking. It’s a daily challenge, and you compete with all kind of sites, some very old, some with a lot of budget… Here we all start from scratch, at least on the target for the ranking on Google. So it’s quite interesting.

SBSCT : Do you think the query itself is interesting ?
Me : No, not really. I’m sure it’s good for the Busby company, which started this challenge, but I’m always surprised to see people trying to perform well on SEO on Google. It’s a technical word, a geek word, a word not a lot of real customers will look for. We all know we’re doing SEO, some of us also do SEM (Search Engine Marketing) but this not how our customers perceive us.

SBSCT : Do you think it’s more difficult for a French Team to stay on the first place on these words than for an english speaking one ?
Me : I don’t know, really. Of course, Google takes into account the semantics around the keywords, and you have to provide content with a rich semantic to rank well. In some cases, ours is not so good, because we speak of many things, and our english is not so perfect. Nevertheless, the bubble around the team is highly SEO and Busby oriented, which means we have this context.

SBSCT : You’re a girl.
Me : As far as I know, yes.
SBSCT : Do you find har d for girls to survive in a SEO male dominated world ?
Me : Not that much dominated, actually. The Sphere Team has a lot of girl members, and two of them, Papillion Busby SEO page and Zepo Busby SEO Challenge, are very well placed. SEO challenges are for competent people, and behind a screen that’s what counts.

SBSCT : What are your tasks for this competition ?
Me : Well we’re pretty unorganized – normal, we’re French, so each member does what he thinks best. As I don’t have a lot of links to bring, I specialized myself in writing posts here, either dumb ones, where I pretended that we did buy links for Pogung on SEO Busby Challenge, or more serious ones, linked to my work of SEO, where for example I speak about this english – australian problem and asks which english Busby speaks ?

SBSCT : And that’s all ?
Me : Sometimes some members complain that I censored them, but that’s totally wrong. I did not censor anybody, I just asked questions about words I could not understand…

SBSCT : You’re often posting in the middle of the night, it’s not usual to see you in the morning, like we do ?
Me : Google is challenging at any time of the day. I live in Germany and in Morocco, and have customers all around the world, Canada, Saint Barthelemy, Thailand… so I have to be available for my customers, and then check the ranking of the Sphere on the Busby SEO Challenge.

SBSCT : Well Marie, oups, Marie-Aude, seems you’re pretty busy. Should we stop here ?
Me : Not before you take another Pisang and make a toast to Pogung !

And so did we…


  1. Eclipsis said,

    July 20, 2008 @ 7:02 pm

    Cool interview… I’ll take a little more busby seo cakes, please!

  2. bbmarket said,

    July 21, 2008 @ 12:52 am

    Great Marie-Aude…!
    Didn’t know you were living in Germany. I like this country (I think no body cares).
    I really agree with your point of view about the busby seo challenge query !

  3. Zepo said,

    July 21, 2008 @ 5:11 am

    I am very satisfied to have read this interview and to read Marie-Aude and to know more about her ! And even if I have to translate this text with Google Translator to understand the biggest part… Marie-Aude, you speak true literary English and all… Then you see ;-) Of course I’ll never stop laughing at you about the pseudo sensuration, a routine now ! Yep Sure that you didn’t censure me ;-) Hi hi hi oki I go out >>>>

    and thanks for the girls team links :-)

  4. yakamo said,

    July 21, 2008 @ 6:40 am

    So this is You… You got the alchool … PISANG !!!! Raaaahhhh brainnnnnn … om nom nom nom …

    Great interview by the way !!!

  5. Papillon said,

    July 21, 2008 @ 7:16 am

    Euh, i’m not a papillion :(

  6. Marie-Aude said,

    July 21, 2008 @ 9:22 am

    Busby cakes are a special treat with something inside. I don’t know if I’m authorized to five links to “non Busby challenge related sites but please feel free to ask privately. (Nothing illegal, of course)

    @bbmarket, have to say I really prefer Morocco to Germany. Hope next year I’ll be full time in Morocco.

    @Zeppo you have a great way of kidding, hidden in the layers of the Onion

    @yakamo cheers !

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