Bbmarket’s interview for the Busby seo challenge

Bellow you’ll read bbmarket’s interview, involved in the Busby seo challenge with the Sphere Team.

Sphere : Hi bbmarket, How do you do ?
Bbmarket : Hi Sphere, I’m fine thank you.

Sphere : Why did you decide to join the sphere in the busby seo challenge ?
Bbmarket : Coz I didn’t know what to do this summer… My mother was about to send me in a summer camp for two months… Do you imagine ??
But a few days later I met Yakamo in a bar near Pigalle… We drunk a few (or a lot, I don’t remember) Pisang, beer, beer, beer and so on… Then I asked him : “how about having a few girls right now ??”

Sphere (a bit suspicious) : Yes and… ?
Bbmarket : And he answered me “forget about girls, I know something more exciting, more powering and more exciting… The Busby SEO Challenge !!!” as if it was a kind of treasury or holy quest.
“Ouach, what’s that… That doesn’t look very sexy at all…” But he convinced me of the interest of this SEO contest !!

Sphere : And now, do you have regrets ?
Bbmarket : Oh no, really !! I’m having fun and I’m proud to belong to such a Team !! And I discovered so many and strange things : a secret weapon (almost the same as James Bond uses in films, but that one only works on the web…), official interventions and supports from the French government, the revelation of God through his spokeman, the pope… You imagine that, the pope himself (not HimSelf… haha… At least I mean, because there are so many mysterious things happening since June the first in this busby seo challenge).

Sphere : Hmm, and what do you think about the query “Busby seo challenge” ?
Bbmarket : I’m not sure it’s the best query for a SEO challenge… It’s not the way it goes for such contests… I just hope, that it won’t penalize people who are involved in any kind of Busby (last name, first name, business)… I checked with the “SEO” query, and everything seems to be well.

Sphere : Ok, can you tell us a bit more about you ?
Bbmarket : Of course. My real first name is Stephane, I’m 31 (I know, you’ll ask me the link with bbmarket !!) and I live in Paris. I used to be Internet manager but was fed up with this job. Thus, I was really interested in SEO and web visibility, so I decided to find a new job, and I’ll start a new one on August the fourth…

Sphere : A last word ?
Bbmarket : I like this Busby seo challenge and really appreciate all the Sphere Team’s members and the way we run in this challenge : with fun, respect, humor and with so much professionalism (except for the organization… But as everybody says, it’s due to the fact we are French… Hmm, French or Spherian ? ).

Sphere : Ok thank you… No regrets for the girls in Pigalle ??
Bbmarket : Oh no… I was told there’s a butterfly that loves testosterone, so… ;-)


  1. Pogung177 said,

    August 3, 2008 @ 12:53 pm

    Sphere : How are you Pogung
    Pogung177: Oh yes, I’m fine here. :) )

  2. Gwaradenn said,

    August 4, 2008 @ 3:28 am

    Yes, you are the rock, but it’s temporary.

  3. Eclipsis said,

    August 4, 2008 @ 5:45 pm

    Enjoy the sight, Pog, we let you there for a while, then we take back our place ;)

  4. 2k said,

    August 11, 2008 @ 11:53 am

    You are a true seo Bbmarket.

    Good luck

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