Busby SEO challenge in the sand

I sometimes wonder whether a single person could win such a challenge as the Busby competition.
Ranking high in SERPs on a word, or a three words combination like Busby SEO challenge depends on a lot of factors.
There are things that a single person could easily do, and that would be a good in page optimization

What is the weight of in-page optimization in the overall SEO for Busby ?

Good question. Would any participant risk to loose this contest by not trying to bring in as many external links ?
I usually rank my customer’s websites mainly through in-page optimization, and a little bit linking, as I consider it a safer long-term strategy. But it is exactly that : a long-term strategy, that usually bring fruits on a three-six months period.
And our Busby SEO challenge is on three months. I know I would not be able to win, in any case, just on the content.
As structured and semantical as it could be, as much focused on all the possible Busby topics, it would not be enough.

The Busby competition runs on a short term basis

A normal website would be deep in the sandbox.
Well, actually, we may be all in the sandbox. And all challenging us within a huge bowl of dust and sand… because bringing so many back-links as we all do to run higher than the others challengers would send any normal website in the sandbox. But is we’re all in, then no problem.

And I’m quite sure we do. When you search Google for Busby alone, no participant of the SEO challenge appears on the first page, and even not before the last position of the second page. In front of us are a lot of websites not so much optimized, and we should appear in front of them… but we’re all in the sandbox, aren’t we ?

It is interesting to follow the results of such a challenge on a long term basis. I wonder how does react Google when a lot of site suddenly stop to get links, links, and links ? Stop to get content… When this challenge is closed, I’ll take note of the three first pages results, and check regularly over the months.

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