Busby is a big family

That’s what I discovered googling a little bit to know more about Busby. And I’m quite sure that some members of this huge family are working in SEO and web marketing. Would it not be fun when this Busby SEO challenge is won by a Mister Busby ?

How do you know this Busby family ?

Well, you should say these families, actually. It’s not so difficult. You just have to google a little bit, or, more to the point, to go to large genealogical databases, and you’ll see how common is the family name Busby. In such cases, believe me, making the history of a family is as much a challenge as ranking high in a SEO competition.

Because, of course, a lot of the Busby were migrants, these kind of people who leave one day a country with just a small luggage, and set up in a new country, start another life.

As the luggage is small, the most important items are not family papers, and after a few generations, it becomes very difficult to know whether your ancestor was John Busby son of Henry-John Busby and Margaret Smith, or John Busby son of John-Henry-Mark Busby aka Henry Busby. But Henry-John and John-Henry are two different persons ; they could also be brothers. In such case, we can assume that the father was christened John, and the grand-father Henry… or the reverse !

Busby families come from England

That’s quite obvious, and normal. The name is english, it’s a common name, meaning a big furry hat. We can imagine the first Busby was a tall man with thick air, and a huge beard, or had a rogue character. Anyway…

When browsing the databases, you have a large number of Busby in England, South England and Wales. And then..

Some Busby left for the United States

We can reasonnably assume the Busby left first for the States, at the time they were only a colony, and settled there. Why and how did they left ? Well with so common a name, that’s a challenge for each american Busby to identify his ancestors, and get accurate information. But they left England either as settlers and merchants, or soldiers, or convicts.

Some Busby married some Busby (yes, make it fun), and had a lot of children. The american Busby are now more or less a third of the whole population.

And the Aussies ?

The first settlers of Australia were mainly convicts. That does not mean that the first australian Busby were bad people. Justice was quite hard, and unfair at that time, and you could get deported for stealing some bread when you where starving.

The other possibility is that the Australian Busby actually come from the States, maybe some of the american ones decided to go somewhere else.

Busby families anywhere else ?

You have one Busby man who came in France and married, in Limoges, in 1850. You have a very few Busby in New-Zealand. And that’s nearly all I could find.

Doing these searches, I discovered the Busby are quite organized, there is even a dedicated website for sharing genealogical data. I’m quite sure they are a little bit annoyed with our SEO challenge. In such competitions, you got a lot of results linked to the challenge itself, and it becomes more difficult for them to find serendip information just by googling their name.

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