Busby SEO Challenge : A new sport

Busby SEO Challenge is an attractive activity involving several teams usually of sixty five players each. Some teams might have only one player, but such a team never won world championship.
It is thought to be the third most popular sport in France, after going on strike and eating frogs.

Busby History

Busby SEO Challenge originated in Guadeloupe in the early 1900, however it is practised all over the world now, especialy in Honk Kong and Australia.

The first world seo challenge bubsy championship in the sport was limited to french speaking people from Belgium, Luxembourg and Canada, and was known as the “French seo kidnapping” held in Luxembourg city, Luxembourg, Europe, in 1912.

Seo Game play

bubsy challenge

A competitive Busby SEO Challenge game is usually divided into 235 equal halves of 50 minutes on a 3 months period. Each player aims to speak about general subjects based on blog applications or custom made websites.
Occasionally, a player may accidentally write an paragraph in french, but it will considered as non acceptable.

Busby SEO Challenge uses a multiple card system:

  • a green card, like in non-busby challenge, is an official warning
  • a yellow card, for black hats only, means a temporary suspension
  • a red card, even if it’s has been made seo reason, is a permanent exclusion. This can challenge high skilled seo busbies

Specialized challenge equipment

Busby seo challenge also known as “Challenge by seobus” requires to wear a cap with the name of the player on it. Two types of caps are available : black and white hats.

Additional information

The busby challenge seo sport is controversial, particularly on Internet, where a ban should have been introduced in June 2008 if seosphere team would have kept an old domain name, which was the reference in term of busby seo challenge.

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