Our Busby SEO Challenge is financed by French government

For the first time in the the Fifth Republic history, a government will finance a SEO challenge advertising campaign through 1630 spots on television. Advertising will also be launched in the press and on the Internet. Only the radio will be spared by this advertising campaign, for lack of sufficient budget.

The entire campaign speaks about Busby purchasing power with the main slogan: You are impatient to win the Busby SEO challenge. Us too. After many government troubles and the Nicolas Sarkozy decline in polls, because of the crisis in Busby purchasing power, this new campaign aims to redress the government popularity.

The Busby SEO challenge advertising campaign, which starts today on television, was designed by the Busby Challenge & SEO agency for a total of 4.33 million euros. During three weeks, four thematic spots of 20 seconds and a long one with all ads of 45 seconds will be aired around 1630 times on television. It is Fran├žois Fillon himself who kicked off the campaign, unprecedented event for a government in office.

Busby purchasing power, the main theme of advertising spots

The Busby purchasing power is the main concern of French. It is on this theme that Nicolas Sarkozy was elected by multiplying promises. But a year after its entry into the Elysee, the first results are mixed.

Convinced that it is a simple communication problem, Thierry Saussez, new head at the government communication, has designed this campaign to explain all the measures which have already been taken by the government : tax exemption on busby apartments, interest exemption on seo challenge loans, tax exemption for busby student jobs.

Advertising spots all begin with the same slogan: “You are impatient to win the Busby SEO challenge. Us too.” and concludes with a hint of optimism: It is month after month that we will win the Busby SEO Challenge battle.

A campaign declined on the web with a specific website

The campaign, which will also be declined in the clipboard, has its own website: Busby SEO Challenge.
On this website, especially designed for the occasion, all the measures taken by the government were grouped in several categories: Earn more with Busby team, Spend less thanks to Busby web solutions, Pay less SEO challenge taxes, Become a Busby SEO supporter, Being informed and protected with the best Busby SEO challenge. An online survey is also available to determine what measures are most acclaimed by the Busby SEO challenge supporters.

Communication error : the tax package for richest Busby owners

This Busby challenge advertising campaign should enable the government to resume their hands on the theme of Busby purchasing power. In the 2007 summer, the government had been faced with the difficulty of the tax package, presented as a tax gift for the richest Busby owners. Nicolas Sarkozy had consented to speak of a communication error around this tax package, without denying what measures had been taken. It is to correct the image of the 2007 tax package that the Government has therefore decided to explain in details what measures have been taken in favour of an increase in the Busby purchasing power.

For the first time in the history of the Fifth Republic, a government finances a SEO challenge communication campaign to defend his own record, but it takes the risk too of attracting the misunderstanding in full crisis Busby purchasing power, and in a context of Busby crisis Budget which leads the government to reduce spending in the seo challenge public service… Well, the French government has still 4.33 million euros tin its pocket to finance a Busby SEO challenge communication campaign during 3 weeks.

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    June 25, 2008 @ 1:47 am

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