Busby SEO Challenge vs. Kabonfootprint

The Busby SEO Challenge finishes in exactly 30 days, and all Busby SEO Challengers in the Sphereteam, know that this is the last straight line to the Busby Challenge podium… Our efforts will now become more intense than until now, and while we are all focusing on our task to defeat the evil (just kidding my friends, this is a “motivating speech”) Indonesian team, and give Google what it wants to eat, and new shadow, or maybe a new glory is arising… Its name ? Kabonfootprint !

Kabonfootprint… Kezako ?

Kabonfootprint is the friendly name of the Seocontest2.0 SEO Challenge (remember we won the first edition?). As Seocontest2008, this contest is organized by UK Webmaster World (SEO & eCommerce Forum UK). This aim is to be placed on first position, on Google.com, on October, 1st, 2008, at 1pm (UK time), on this weird request : “Kabonfootprint” (I still don’t know what a Kabon is, but I’m sure, some people will figure it out, and clarify this point soon). The winner will get $2000, as soon as he (or “they”, since teams are allowed) don’t use cloaking, hiding text or blackhat, and if their challenging domain, directory or subdomain is brand new (no cache nor backlinks) and in English.
I think that some of those rules are quite strange, but, you know, the organizers are British, so it’s worthless to try understanding them :D

Busby SEO Challenge vs Kabonfootprint

Is it a trick ?

I’m quite sure the Sphereteam (the one everyone will soon call “the busby SEO challenge winners”) is still in the memory of all Seocontest2008 challengers and mostly the organizers too. Many people wouldn’t really like the fact we’d win another contest (Busby SEO Challenge included), since by winning twice, we’d become a kind of “SEO contests killers” (letting no fun nor competition to others). My “petit doigt” (let’s call it French paranoia) is telling me that the fact of launching a SEO challenge, while the Busby is still not finished, as been done on purpose, to avoid the fact the Sphereteam would prepare its troops to this new contest, and focus on that. The Kabonfootprint organizers know that we are concentrating (but also, other good competitors like the Indonesian Che Gevarist team) on the Busby Challenge, for another full month. Which will give either a chance to anyone else (not participating to the Busby SEO Contest) to get placed first quickly, or which would distract people from the current SEO Challenge, and make them lose the focus and lose…
So, is this new contest launch a trick to divide us all ? Is it a trick, just to do things harder ? Or is this an old rancor between British and Australians ;)

What ever this is, and even if I still don’t know if the Sphere Team will participate to this brand new Kabonfootprint SEO Challenge (wow, my reflex seems to be really repetitive with this Kabonfootprint word, which could be a professional deformation, or just the fact that I’m already Kabon-addict :P ), I know that if our team decides to participate to this SEO challenge, we’ll win it (half Coué method, half “sure of it”)… So let just see the good side of things instead of being parano.

Is this another future glory ?

In France (but this may be an international motto), we use to say “jamais deux sans trois“, which means “never two, without three“. So, it could be a cool thing to be able to say one day to my grand-grand-sons (What ? I can dream… :) ), that I was among the first team ever, who managed to win three SEO Challenges one after the other (if I can tell them, we won two of them, it will be fine enough anyway), the same year.
Some people have dead animal heads on their wall, since I really love animals, I think that having three SEO contests “trophies” on my chimney could be greater… Something like : “Won Seochallenge2008 on April 2008, won Busby SEO Challenge on August 2008, and won Kabonfootprint on October 2008″ ;)
The problem is the following. In France, we also use to say “ne vends pas la peau de l’ours avant de l’avoir tué” (don’t sell the bear skin, before having killed it), so before talking about a very hypothetical victory on this new contest, let’s focus on the incoming one, on Busby… Pogung and his friends would be too happy to see us distracted by this new Seocontest2.0…
The good thing, for them, is that they’ll have a way of revenge, since I know they’ll be awfully disappointed not to have won the Busby SEO Challenge.

So instead of a footprint, we will focus, before, on getting a handprint (just like movie stars in Hollywood) on Google Boulevard :D


  1. Pogung177 said,

    July 31, 2008 @ 9:47 pm

    Let we all finish this busby challenge, then continue to the next challenge. I’m waiting on UK webmaster forum.

  2. Papillon said,

    July 31, 2008 @ 11:56 pm

    It’s a new name for the bigfoot ?

  3. bbmarket said,

    August 1, 2008 @ 2:10 am

    A new seo contest !
    There’s really no time for holidays :-)

  4. Ray said,

    August 1, 2008 @ 5:39 am

    Hahhhh… let me take a breath… i need to finishing all my delay project.. this busby take a big energy for me. maybe i will absent for this new contest.

  5. kabonfootprint said,

    August 16, 2008 @ 8:08 am

    go go go… gud luck to this contest..

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