Busby SEO Zepo Interview

Well, this is the Zepo’s Busby SEO Challenge Interview …

Zepo ” Nemo and black Mamba = Z ” is also member of the Big Guild SEO-Frouzienne of SphereTeam.

st : would you like to answer some questions on the occasion of this Busby SEO challenge ? It is a ritual for this big seo magical mystery tour : we produce an interview of each of the Team’s members …

z : Okee for an interview !

st : Yes so what’s up today ?

z : Everything goes very well Mylady Marchioness, everything goes very well, but however I’ve got something to say to you … But how to say it …

st : Be allowed and relax, there is already some smoke around you. ( Is it steam or smoke ? We are not going to ask her what produces such results … The best is to avoid this kind of controversial questions … ) Where do you come young girl ?

z : I come from Switzerland ô my Guild.

st : OK, but more exactly please ?

z : According to Google Analytics : from German-speaking Swiss. But it is false. Here is it.

st : ( Well we’ll no going far like that … ) You have the reputation to like [Censured] ( oops that we cannot quote it without inciting her to the verbal mistake … too bad for the swiss fondue … )

z : So what ? What’s the question ? What did you say ?

st : The present question wasn’t good, sorry my little sweet thing.

z : Anhan … ( I’ll do like if I didn’t know the missed question … )

st : It seems that certain people thought that you were a unpredictable words generator before realizing that you were a human and not a malformed bot. What do you answer it ?

z : I only confirm that there was a time the team looked to me a kind of dysfunctionnal bot. Nothing more nothing less.

st : Is it true that you express yourself in a secret language during your participations in the forums ?

z : Yes and not. I would say that it depends of the message to be passed on and to which sublayer of the unconscious I address. It’s like the Onion’s Theorem.

st : ( Gloups ) Neither yes nor … Hem then … the ” Onion’s Theorem ” ? What‘s that ? Would you tell us more about the ” Onion’s Theorem ” ? ( we feel that this interview is going hayward : with her it is practically unavoidable, she’s a real disaster. )

z : To understand this ” Onion’s Theorem ” you need to have already understood ” the theory of the ante-formation “, which is necessary for the understanding of ” the theory of the encasing “.

Essential theories to understand my meaning when I imply something already created in the seed or in the Onion. Ho ! Do you know these theories ?

St : We don’t, Zepo … But are you not going to explain them to us ?

z : No.

st : Let us close the hermetic theory of the Onion … What do you think about Busby SEO challenge ? Or what does this competition represent for you ?

z : Stop I do not agree … Why ?

Firstly : do not say ” theory of the Onion ” but the Onion’s Theorem.

Secondly : All the ” Search Engine Optimisation ” technicals are included in the Onion, it is necessary to underline it, I hold it.

For me this challenge represents simply an enormous feast. More seriously ? Bah nop I have nothing to say more seriously.

st : Could you say us more about you mysterious zepo ?

z : Technically yes. I have a language or a tongue …

st : Hum … Yes and ?

z : Nothing is more important than the ” Onion’s Theorem ” and that’s all, at this I have nothing to add. It is the secret of the busby seo challenge. The Onion is with our SphereTeam. A point. It is everything.

st : Thank you very much for the important information that you gave us today, see you soon Zepo ( Nemo ) ( Phew we escaped the disaster … May it hides something ? hum … )

z : I would like to thank google god to trust our blog wordpress during this busby seo challenge, thank him to keep us the first place in the serp like he promised us.

I’d also like to thank the pope who prayed for make our Guild stronger. We are straight to the top because we are the thirty.

I thanks all the webmasters who support our Team in this challenge.

SphereTeam, all the Onion’s backlinks are for you.

st : Bye Zepo …

z : Bye my dear … and don’t forget …

st : What do we must not forget ?

z : The Onion’s Theorem, my lovely Sphere … The Onion’s Theorem …

There is another theory, which says ” If the facts do not correspond to the theory, change the facts ” … but … this one is more abstract than the Onion’s Theorem …

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  1. Alpineminds said,

    July 28, 2008 @ 3:08 am

    You are doing good job for the Busby SEO Challenge. Keep it up :)

  2. Ray said,

    July 28, 2008 @ 11:40 pm

    So.. where is the secret? i think not in the black dot ;)

  3. Marie-Aude said,

    July 30, 2008 @ 6:12 am

    The Busby Challenge is an illusion… great message !

  4. Zepo said,

    August 2, 2008 @ 5:29 am

    Hi men ! Thanks for your messages :-)

    All the secrets of the illusions are in the black onion’s seeds and the quasar … and the dark matter. It’s maybe the same with google …

    I wish you a wonderful summer my firiends !

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