But what could we tell you on Busby?

A good question about Busby

We participate in a competition based on the keyphrase “Busby Seo Challenge”, but nobody, or almost nobody really knows what does the word Busby mean, or who / what uses it.

After having dug through google concerning this term, we were able to find some clues about Busby’s identity, and its shape…

First of all, the classic definition : Busby is a fur hat used by soldiers, one or two centuries ago (except for the British Royal Guard, which still wear busbies during somes ceremonies…).
However, there is not only form of Busby, besides this Seo Challenge !

Busby Seo Hat

A busby Hat

Busby is also…

A Scottish city. From Glasgow, as for the US city, in the Montana, the name still has a Scottish origin ! Now, instead of a Loch Ness monster, we have Busby Seo !
Busby is also a race of young ponies, distant cousin from the Shetland wool.

Some personalities have had the patronymic name “Busby”, but it was not for a challenge, nor a competition!

Seo Challenge with Busby Berkeley

Busby Berkeley And Seo Girls

For instance, Matt Busby, football player in the 30s in the Manchester Club, or Busby Berkeley, choreographer and movie director who is at the origin of “Busby Berkeley” (type of centring).

Before the Seo Challenge, it came to France!

Busby appears in France, on the pediment of a hotel, to fly away then towards Munich with Busby Babes, but it was a tragic episode.

Fortunately, the Busby Seo Challenge is to be positive again!

Besides, we found that a video game, available first on Nintendo, then PS2, was called Busby, same as a cuddly bear Burny Busby, or the creators of tissues!

Video Games By Busby Seo

Games about Challenge Busby

The best for the end !

Finally, the only thing which we should retain about Busby, are these charming precursors, and magnificent young ladies : The Busby (seo) Babies!

The Busby Babies for Seoshpere

Busby Babies

Thanks to Busby Seo Challenge, which allowed us to discover all this ;)

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  1. El-Cherubin said,

    June 10, 2008 @ 2:38 pm

    Yeah good article! mdr

    Busby is really interesting, it has a lot of form!

    Maybe girl’s of sphereteam could be to become the new Busby Babies :D

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