First month of Busby competition

Well, that’s it, we have spent our first month of competition, trying to rank our page as high as possible on the Busby SEO Challenge sentence.

It is a third of the competition, and we might consider that most of the participants are known. Maybe a few webmasters will hear about the Busby thing, but it is doubtful a lot of them will decide to enter.

Clearly, we have a lot of very good competitors, and things are getting tough for us… as well as the others on the first page.

A little review of the challenge first month

Busby competitors are very different

There are more than 300 pages registered. As some people can register several pages, that does not mean we are so many, but that’s already a competitive query, isn’t it ?
Participants have various background and experience level. We are not the only French ones to compete, far from it, and there is at least another big French team.
Some of us have a lot of experience, even professional, in the world of SEO, some of us are quite new to the field, students or just people who enjoy the web and want to have fun.
Isn’t that great ?

Some Busby challengers are real b…

Busby challenge’s rules are quite clear : no black hat, no dishonest practices. So what do you think of the practice of some people who claim a page that does not belong to them ? Reviewing the ranking of the challengers, I discovered my page, and another page of a sphere team Busby challenger was claimed by a thuram. Luckily, there is a way to claim one’s page quite easily, and things will be clear.

WordPress is good for SEO

Who ranks high on Busby SEO challenge ?
Reviewing the top ten entries on the competitors list, we find two kind of pages : obviously self constructed one’s, like the page of our team member Papilion, coming first on Busby query ! yeah !, or … wordpress sites. Sphere’s site is WordPress, but also Yudhi Arie Baskoro, or Pogung, or the Indonesian.

Why is WordPress so used in SEO challenges ?

Well, it’s the easiest “out of the box” tool to use. In a few minutes, you can build a nice readable website, the core engine is already pretty well optimized, and with plugins like AIO SEO you can optimze your titles and meta quite easily.
Also, WordPress is natural for who has a little knowledge in php, and even without a plugin, you can do the job.

So… it’s quite sure the winner of this challenge will be, any case, WordPress.

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  1. 2k said,

    July 18, 2008 @ 5:51 pm

    Busby competitors are very different ? it’s true !

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