The future of SEO competitions ?

Ranking on Busby SEO Challenge
Looking at the current results in the Busby SEO Challenge results I was wondering what it meant, from a SEO point of view. It seems obvious that the first page is more or less squatted by two teams, and, imho, that a single person has absolutly no chance to get the prize.

Though I could be wrong, of course…

Nevertheless, when we compare that to older competitions, like the “Mangeur de Cigognes” (Stork Eater… who would eat storks ? Their flesh is hard and taste foul fish), most of the winners were individuals.

Doesn’t that represent how much things changed in the SEO world ?

It is more and more difficult for a single person to reach the best positions in the Google ranking and the best site needs also link juice to reach the envied first positions.
But link juice is not enough neither. Dewey storm proved that these links must be pertinent, of good quality.
Which is of course the case in a network of websites all competing on a single query. All of them are speaking of SEO – we’re all geeks, we’re all interested in Google and it’s magic ranking, and we all speak about what interests us.

Let’s have a look at Pogung’s site. He’s got one very good post (not only one, of course, but this one is specially interested in the context of this challenge). He said “make pages for visitors, not only for Google”, and gave an example with images.

That’s true, but I think images are not the only trick. They are a part of it, though I know a lot of websites and blogs which ranks very well without a lot of images.
Will the little Google Image over here change something to the future of the competition ?
I don’t think it would give us first place on the Busby SEO Challenge.
But it’s, in itself, a tribute to Pogung.

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  1. Eclipsis said,

    July 31, 2008 @ 12:05 pm

    I’m not really convinced it has been a change recently, and to me, a good individual could beat others and win such a contest…
    While it would be a lot harder for a single person to get as much backlinks as a team could, I’m pretty sure that a good content and an efficient strategy could compensate this lack. Links are not everything, so I’m pretty sure an individual could do it (there are several examples on the 1st page, on individuals with a good ranking, besides being among a team).

    So, to me, the choice of competing on a team, is just a little easier and a lot more fun… A good individual could win, where a bunch of good individuals should win ;)

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