Perrine’s interview for Busby SEO Challenge

First interview for the Busby Seo Contest ! Every week, a Sphere team member will introduce himself and let us know how he’s feeling about this Busby SEO Challenge.

Today, we receive Perrine, alias Perrine, member of Sphere Team engaged in the terrible fight to obtain a first place on with the request Busby SEO challenge.

Sphere Team : Hi Perrine,

Perrine : Hello!

ST : Can you introduce yourself in some words?

P : Of course! Perrine, 30 years old, native of Toulouse. I work on Web for 3 years.

ST : You thus joined Sphere Team to participate in the SEO Challenge organized by the Australian company Busby, why?

P : That made a lease that I had not participated in a SEO competition and I thus jumped on the occasion when the team suggested to inflate ranks.

ST : What do you think about Busby SEO Challenge request?

P : The advantage with this request, it that you can interchanger easily 3 words. When you don’t speak well English, it means same thing! The SEO and the challenge, it is easy to speak about it during a competition… But the busby, it is already harder. At least, it is fun to find subjects of discussion!

ST : For the interviews of every member, we decided to question you about each words which compose the request. Let’s begin with Busby! Do you like Busby?

P : Frankly, the busby, it is not too much my trick. I prefer caps, it is less cumbersome and more nice … More young also! Not useless for a thirty-year old!

ST : Do you like SEO ?

P : Mmmm, I live SEO, I eat SEO, I sleep SEO … It is indeed for that that we are there not?? The good question would be why I like the SEO ? Certainly because of a part of mystery in all this. And also because it is tremendously gratifying to manage to position sites in first place and to have in front of us a satisfied customer. Naturally, the SEO, it is a little the inescapable passage when we work on the net!

ST : Do you like challenges ?

P : Yes! Definitively yes. … But the challenge, like sport challenge, is funnier with other guys. It is for that that I chose to join Sphere Team in order to raise with them this challenge.

ST : A small word for the end ?

P : Long life to Sphere Team and good competition to all the participants of the Busby Contest !


  1. 2k said,

    June 15, 2008 @ 8:00 am

    Hi Perrine,

    Could you please send me a picture ?

    Thank you

  2. Perrine said,

    June 16, 2008 @ 12:17 pm

    Hu … didn’t see that comment !

    Mmmm… ^^ A picture of what do you want ? My car ? :D

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