Bertrand’s reaction over the Busby SEO Challenge bandwidth attack

Hi, Bertrand’s speaking, proud member of the Busby SEO Challenge Sphere Team.

First of all, note that you’ll read there only my point of view, not the Sphere team’s one. I have the agreement of some others team members to give it (2 in fact -_-), but major others team members don’t know what I’m gonna to tell you there, I think they totally don’t care because they are on holidays, well I guess it for them.

First, sorry Pogung177, at 2 weeks from the black end of the Busby challenge, I can’t place any backlink to your article, I need to keep our little part of Busby link juice.

Second, I’m gonna place keywords on this article, just because we need, too, to keep our busby keyphrase density, yeah it’s just seo keyword stuff, a crazy challenge don’t you think?

Well, let’s go! So, I’ve just read last Pogung177’s post (- and there you’ll read my reaction to it.

Dear lovely Busby readers, I invite you to read Pogung177’s post before reading my Busby reaction.

First reaction, when I came till the end of the entry: “Okay, Sphere Team is the target”.

Just because I see French IPs with red arrows in front of them, and well, we are the only French serious competitors: Does anybody know another french Busby SEO challenge competitor? No? Nor me.

Now, you’ll get what I want to say to react to Pogung177’s attack – Yes sorry but your post is only an attack to my eyes Pogung177, and I really don’t appreciate it – So, what everybody should know now:

- We only play for fun: it means that we really don’t care of the 5000$ reward nor the 2 others:
If we win, we are just going to create a cool party with all team members and friends (girl/boyfriends, webmasters who supported us, animals, search engine bots – even with Live, Yahoo! and Exalead ones, yep sure) just like we did with the previous secontest2008 challenge.
If we don’t win, we’re gonna go back to our “usual life”: studies for some, SEO for others, Busby breeding for a minority.

- We only play with fun: I mean, just read our articles you’ll get our spirit (I recommend you reading the Yakamo interview for example). To be clear, we are cool people with a healthy mentality: we always use SEO tricks to push our blog, and not to destroy our competitors’ ones (In fact, we f*** cheaters).

- We had exactly same attacks. We are just lucky to have a (very) high bandwidth quota (Thank you dear hoster).

- We are totally transparent when we make a special thing, just read this Busby post to prove it. In other words, we are proud of each original action that we launch in a SEO contest and thus, we always communicate on it. Here, the fact is that we are totally against such methods and so, I’m pround to tell you for the second time that Sphere Team f*** cheaters.

- Some of us, call them the “Sphere Team leaders”, are coding experts: what I want to tell you there is that if we really wanted to build such a bandwidth attack, we would never have lauched it from France, I mean with French IPs, just because it would have been totally silly! [Please note that we have silly members in our SEO team, but fortunately not enough silly ones to build such a silly strategy]

To conclude, now that you read that, and from what I used to learn in second degree french lessons, we need to enlarge the subjet by giving new pists:

So, who can have done this?

- Another French Busby SEO challenge competitor? For example, we already had a small trouble with a French one following a joke that he didn’t appreciate.

- Another foreign Busby SEO Challenger? I mean, anyone in the world could have done this. Even if you are American, English, Australian, or Indonesian (yeah yeah, I assume my last pist) because note that it’s very easy to use a French proxy to build such a bandwidth attack. Note too that Orange (ex Wanadoo) is the leading DSL provider in France with more than the half of the market.

- A previous SEO challenge competitor? We were in front of dozens of others participants in previous seocontest2008 challenge, some people were not our friends already at this period: we already get an attack (see that post).
- A previous Sphere Team member? Yes, there I have to inform you that we exclude some sphere team members for two reasons: they were not active within the team (just spectators) and/or their priority in this SEO challenge wasn’t the team but their personnal page or blog. Such an exclusion could have cause a vendetta spirit, and note that an investigation is in progress.
Well, if you’re this guy, please note that what you’ve done is totally silly and please have the “cojones” to let us know who are you. Don’t worry, we’re not going to eat you, nor giving your personal address to Indonesian Busby team ;)

Others pists that I don’t really believe (it means that I give credit to the previous ones):

- Another French SEO forum? SEOsphere forum is really different from others French major SEO forums. A french SEO forum who likes and promotes seo contests, oh my goodness, it’s evil!

- A busby escaped from one of our breeding farms and who’s really disappointed that we sold it?

Well that’s it, I have nothing more to declare, it was a spontaneous reaction, and anybody who just read my article is free now to comment it, caus’ I hope dialogue will allow us to advance and to exclude some pists…


  1. Heroes said,

    August 18, 2008 @ 10:56 pm

    Well, Bertrand, I mostly share your point of view on this…
    On his article, Mister177 didn’t tell clearly we are guilty, but it is almost the same, by saying that the main attacks come from France, everyone will turn their eyes to us. He was subtile enough not to aim us directly, but that’s how I took it too…
    Yet, I still don’t have a clear idea on who did this to us (Indonesian Team or another competitor ?)

  2. Robert said,

    August 20, 2008 @ 3:23 am

    Thx Bertrand.

  3. Wirawiri said,

    August 20, 2008 @ 5:58 am

    Don’t blamed each other, more patient please.. OK OK ;)

  4. Kabonfootprint said,

    August 21, 2008 @ 6:29 pm

    It’s just a week away. Let’s just share the love instead war :)

  5. Kabonfootprint said,

    August 23, 2008 @ 1:29 am

    Not need to take itself the head, with Pogung or another participant.
    A good atmosphere is rigorous and the participants who are on the front page the merit.

    Good luck for the busby seo challenge.

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