Nightly rantings about Bubsy challenge and SEO loneliness

On another of my blogs, which also takes part in the Bubsy SEO Challenge but has no chance, compared to the SphereTeam Busby page, I spoke about the 25th hour, and the long solitary nights of geeks and programmers like me, who spend hours in front of their PC, trying to coo Google and force him to visit our poor websites.

The making of the Bubsy SEO Challenge community

The last hours of our competition are quite similar, but not solitary. The members of the team are discussing online on our dedicated forum – yes we made a dedicated forum to exchange ideas and tips for ranking on Bubsy results. We check the results on the official query quite often, … and we are not alone, I imagine.
I can see our competitors, Pogung, Infreakz, the other filipinnos who arrived like rockets in the serps results, I can imagine them doing the same.
I can also imagine the guys in the Busby company. The initiators of this challenge, who decided to pay a huge amount of money to try to find out the best SEO people in the world… of just to get some backlinks, I don’t know.
Time is different all around the world. I’m not very good in calculating Time Zone differences, I’m still not really able to be sure of the time of the end of our challenge expressed in US time of our server… But I’m sure for some people it’s daylight, when it’s now for me the heart of the night, and before dawn when the result come.
And tomorrow is also a special day for other reasons…
Nevertheless, the heart of the night is not the best time for programming. It can be useful for posting on blogs, and I wrote more than 5.000 words since seven pm tonight. Some of them were related to Busby Challenge, either on this blog where I already made a post earlier, most of them where dedicated to my adopted country, and some to my hobby of photography.
I think the members of Sphere Team are quite unknown in this Challenge. Of course, we made crazy Busby interviews to introduce ourselves, but most of us blog in French, and I did not mention my English blog, as I did not want to use some link juice of the Busby site to a non-participating (but supporting) website. The result is that we are not known from people who don’t speak French, when I have the feeling I know Pogung or infreakz quite well.
During these three month of hard competition, the only thing I was seeing from them was their Busby seo page… and I was reading their site, I get some info about them from their title…
Did I already said I would miss them ?

So, isn’t it strange that freakingly hitting the F5 key on a Google SEO result makes you sentimental in the night, alone in front of a screen and linked to other people, at least thirty to fifty, doing the same thing, and trying to know for sure who will be the winner of the Bubsby SEO challenge ?


  1. Gwaradenn said,

    August 30, 2008 @ 7:59 pm

    Yes, we look with Kad… We are present on all DC except the official. :(

  2. Seb said,

    August 30, 2008 @ 8:27 pm

    Fucking their DC

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