Why Busby?

In fact, Busby is a really cute and curious concept. Why have chosen to talk about Busby seo challenge? The real question is why not?

I know you are quite disappointed… I’ll explain you the traps and the craps (How funny this pun busby is)

The Busby SEO Challenge Traps :

First, please don’t confusing « Busby » and « Boulbi ». Boulbi is a primitive scream (for Boulogne Billancourt) used by a french rapper which hasn’t been set up with a brain powerful enough to understand the subtlety of the Busby Seo Challenge.

Then, Busby is great, but Bill Cosby is super great ! Do not forget this or even Chuck Norris could not protect you from the divin busby wrath.

And finally, a busby is a must be. The challenge is here.

The Busby SEO Challenge Craps :

To tell the truth, I don’t know the kanagaroo’s country. But I know SEO (and the mates too, maybe more if it’s possible). And I love challenges (I’ve got a girlfriend you know…, come on dudes, we play in the big league playground, what’ya think?!)

So we know that all the busby players fear the french team… And you are right to do. Cause that froggies eaters will kick all the busby’s out of the SEO challenge.
And I’ve got a terrible revelation to do… It’s an urban busby legend, nobody in France eats that awful froggies… But we know SEO. And challenges!

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  1. 2k said,

    June 15, 2008 @ 8:00 am

    Craps could be very dangerous.

    Be carefull

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